The Big Announcement A romantic comedy


Michael Hand

Michael Hand stakes his musical claim with this well-crafted composition. Adding inspired guitar solos to heartfelt lyrics and epic vocals, Hand creates a plea that is both hauntingly beautiful and utterly unforgettable. The melody sticks with you like the lingering flame of a lost love.

Hand’s remarkable versatility as a guitarist is evidenced by his solos of tender longing set against the backdrop of solid, hard-driving guitar work.

Few musicians can successfully cover the emotional ground that he does. What begins as playful banter, soon evolves into bold confession. -- (I’ve been waiting for a dream come true, I’ve been waiting all my life for you.)

By the time he admits the truth to himself, it’s far too late. He is adrift in a sea of unfathomable depth, thrilled by its breathtaking beauty yet terrified by the complications. To lose this love would be unbearable, the absolute end of all that he is.

Hand plays his music like a hero entering the battlefield: He'll never play it safe and he's going to give it his all. In both love and in music, that’s not such a bad thing.